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Creating a Cohesive Beautifully Designed Space.

Yup! We get it! It's kinda stressful to re-design your entire space! That's what we are here for.  With this package, you get not only do you have one designer working with you but our whole design team.  Personally, our favorite projects are the ones we all get in on together.  We play of each of our strengths to provide you with the best of LUXE.  This package allows us to be able to listen and collaborate with you to create a home that works for your life. Tell us what you like and what you don't like and we will make the changes accordingly.  Send us your questions and concerns through this whole process, we are happy to help.  We want this to be more than a one-time interaction and more of an ongoing relationship.  We would love to take on your project and help you from start to finish.


During checkout, you will be prompted to take a questionnaire that will give us details about the project.  After that is filled out and you have clicked purchase you will receive an email from us detailing how to measure and photograph your room. We will schedule a Facetime or Skype meeting that will allow us to have a conversation about the space and really find out what will work best for you.  From there we will create a space plan and furniture layout and work with you to revise it as needed.  We will also be creating a mood board and shopping list, for you with links to buy.  With the photographs and measurements, you give us we will create a rendered computer model of your space detailing how and where to place and hang accessories, and providing you with an end vision before you buy.


You'll receive the following:


  • A CAD drawing with your custom scaled furniture plan including notations of each item’s size.
  • A Skype or Facetime meeting with a designer to discuss your needs and what you want.
  • A personalized shopping list and mood board with links to purchase.
  • Computer Renderings of your space giving you an end vision before you even start!
  • A follow-up meeting to ensure everything functions for your lifestyle.


(Because this is a collaborative in-depth process we don't specify a guaranteed time frame due to all the different variables.  We estimate start to finish it will take 2-3 weeks but depending on revisions and schedules it could take longer or shorter.)

Here is an example of what you will be able to expect.

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