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A Room of your Own

A Room of your Own


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Determining your perfect furniture layout and sizes


Maybe you’ve inherited your Grammie’s beloved carved chest of drawers, but not sure how it will fit with your modern sofa…

Or maybe you’ve moved into this great condo that has the dreaded corner fireplace – how will you be able to arrange all your furniture?

This plan is great for the person who loves to shop on her own, or has some furnishings to start with.  We’ll draw up the space and give you the perfect layout or two.  We’ll use the pieces you have and the sizes of things you need to look for.



During checkout, you will be prompted to take a questionnaire that will give us details about the project.  After that is filled out and you have clicked purchase you will receive an email from us detailing how to measure and photograph your room.  From there we will handle the rest.  While you wait we encourage you to check out our Design Tips portion of our website for inspiration!


Within a week, we’ll get you the following:


·       A CAD drawing with your custom scaled furniture plan including notations of each item’s size.


You can then take what you have and rearrange, or shop for new items with all the confidence, knowing that you’ll soon have a space that feels pulled together!


Our price is easy on the budget – $79 per room.  Just think, you’ll have an expertly designed space in a week!


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