Design Tips

The Do's and Dont's of Hanging Drapes

Yes! There is a correct and incorrect way to hang your drapes! Even if you are using blackout panels the goal is to make your space feel larger and more open. As depicted in the diagram below you can see by hanging the curtains higher and spaced out farther from the window, it allows more light to enter and makes the window appear much larger than it actually is.


Here are so DO'S!portfolio/zoom/c21b2/image_7w2!portfolio/zoom/c21b2/image_7w2

And some DONT'S

What size is correct for you?!

When figuring out size rod to go with we like to add an extra 12-16" on each side to count for that extra width. For example, if your window is 40 inches wide we recommend going with a 64-68" rod.  If you are going with store bought curtains we recommend going with the tallest length possible for the room allowed, this will add height to the room and make the ceiling feel taller than it is. 

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