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When you are ready to make an investment in your home, the best place to start is with the sofa, the anchor, the gathering place for friends and family alike.  It sets the tone, giving a style, size, and color by which you build your room.  Money well spent on a sofa will stand the test of time, even spanning across decades.  An inexpensive sofa may only live to see a few years, leaving you feeling cheated and full of regret.  Take the time to research, understand and love the piece you select.  I promise, it won’t let you down. Some of our favorites are:

The Elise:  Nathan Anthony

A petite frame with a classic look

The Soho : Lazar

A modern sofa with a low, luxe sit

The Seventy Five: Massoud

For a deep plush sit. Perfect for lounging.

Go ahead... splurge. We know you want to.