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White is White, Right?

The wonder of white, pure and clean, and full of light.  But boring, right?  Wrong.  White walls make an elegant statement.  They create a workable canvas, an opportunity to experiment with pattern and color in furniture, accessories, artwork and rugs.

But, white is not just white my friends.  So, we are counting down our favorite white paint colors, a white for every space and every occasion. To be absolutely sure that you’ve chosen the right one. test how each white looks in your space.  Use a piece of foam board or drywall, paint swatches, move them around the room to see how light affects each one.   And don’t forget to see how each color looks at different times of the day.

Elder White : Sherwin Williams - For a gentle hint of grey

Site White : Sherwin Williams - A subtle blue undertone

Snowbound : Sherwin Williams - Full of warmth and purity, beautiful for trim

White Flour : Sherwin Williams - For a soft glow with hints of yellow

Origami White : Sherwin Williams - A calming white with a base of green

Greek Villa : Sherwin Williams - A cozy white full of depth

Get inspired by some of our favorite white rooms

Now paint on my friends, paint on.





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