Personal Style
Whimsical Sophisticated

Paint Color
Mink Violet
Benjamin Moore

Favorite Room
The Great Room

Design Word

Design Influences
Mary McDonald
Thomas O’Brien


1. Why do you love design?
Design is like fashion-- things happen internationally and our job is to be on top of those trends. We want our clients to be current without being trendy.

2. What is your design style?
An eclectic mix of modern and traditional. We often work in what we call ‘The New Traditional’-- taking a rich look and adding a new twist by interjecting unexpected pieces.

3. Do you have a design mantra? 
'Live with what you love.'  That’s what makes the personality of the room: things that have meaning. 


Harrison Bontrager        harrison@theluxezone.com

Personal Style                                  Vintage Modern

Favorite Room                                             Living Room

Paint Color                                          Caviar by Sherwin Williams

Design Influences                                  Isle Crawford                                          India Mahdavi


1.  Why do you love design?                     I love design because I am able to create an environment that enhances daily life, maybe it is a calming bedroom to come home to after work or a lively dining room that your guests never want to leave.

2.  What is your design style?                   My design style is a mix of modern clean lines filled with eclectic pieces that tell a story.


1.  Why do you love design?                      Design is a part of everything in life.  Whether that be the more cosmetic side of design like designing your home, to the more mechanical side like design of an object to perform a certain task, like scissors.  Everything in life uses design in one way or another making it such a powerful thing.

2.  What is your design mantra?           'Design for you and your life style'- Not everyone and their styles are the same.

Breanna Jensen                                   breanna@theluxezone.com

Personal Style                                  Industrial Modern

Paint Color:                                      Sherwin Williams

Favorite Room:                                  Home Office

Design Influences:                          Mother Nature vs. Factories